About Kim

About Kim

My name is Kim Petrie, I am 50 years old and married with 3 young beautiful children.

April 29, 2016 will mark the 5th anniversary of my diagnosis with young onset Parkinson’s Disease.
My family and I were returning home from our first family vacation in Orlando Florida and I remember distinctively looking at a poster of Michael J Fox, thinking that it was a nice picture of him. Little did I know what this meant …

The day after returning home from our trip, I had an appointment with a neurologist as a result of an inconclusive ECG test.
After explaining my symptoms to the doctor, he could not give me any answers. We then went into the examining room where he did a series of movement tests, I did not like his expression after the tests were done, he asked if I wanted my husband Jamie in the room. I said no, after all Jamie was quite absorbed in catching up on emails, as this appointment was no big deal its just routine. So we went back into his office and the doctor said to me that he was very sorry he believes in his best medical opinion that I have Parkinson’s Disease. The room went fuzzy, I stopped listening and asked him to get Jamie.

The next steps where laid out.

MRI, second opinion, more tests, but he was certain his diagnosis was correct.


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